A synopsis on the various marketing research softwares

The need to capture market feedback led to the innovative development of market inquiry softwares. These are essential applications that when rolled out, capture essential information regarding customer demands, expectations, and level of satisfaction. As a business entrepreneur, therefore, the need to have a market research software cannot be substituted. Having said this, you should find the most suitable research application for your venture. There is an endless list of softwares generated by gigs in the industry. Below are some of the softwares at your disposal.

Various Types of softwares

  • ARCS

Developed by market systems group, this is popularly described as an all in one software. It provides services including multiple data collection, custom reporting, results tracking among other services. It integrates email and message platforms making it easy for vendors to communicate with clients or respondents.

  • Confirmit

This market research software is a development of the confirmit. It provides an end to end channel enabling research professionals to customize, send, receive, analyze and manage data. It has an easier user interface that makes it easy for experts to collect data from millions of respondents. The software incorporates various data collection and management methods.


  • Custom panels and portals

This market research software suits marketing researchers, innovators and marketing professionals. With a one-time payable $10000 fee, you can access the services of the software fully. It provides an online panel that makes it easier for you to manage your online survey. It is developed by FGI Research firms and provides for online training to new users. However, it only supports the services only during working hours.

  • AMZInsight

The software targets majorly Amazon sellers and affiliates. It is a popular app in the market due to its cheap cost of acquisition. With only $0.01 one-time payable fee or an option of a free trial, you can conduct your market research flawlessly. The software is developed by AMZInsight and focusses on empowering Amazon sellers to make data-based decisions in their businesses. It offers services including products and keyword tracking, keyword trends, exceptional data analysis and rank tracking, which are essential services for Amazon proficiency.

  • Handrail

A discovery of the Handrail, it targets enterprises that value customer feedback and use it in improving the products or services they offer. It provides an avenue that allows for customer interviews and assessments thus enabling acquisition of meaningful information that aids in improving service provision. Customers get to share their experience and level of satisfaction provided by the venture. Additionally, it customizes follow up questions and records observations thus uncovering insights relating to a specific product or service offered. Handrail provides online client training for new users but supports it only during business hours.


The need to incorporate the services of market research softwares by various vendors cannot be substituted. However, finding the most appropriate software is key to enjoying the benefits of having these structures. When in need, therefore, you should consider identifying the factors that trigger the need of having the software before acquiring one. Ensure that you go for software that suits your needs appropriately.